Adult Financial Education

Financial security in adulthood depends greatly upon financial knowledge during childhood, teen, and young adult years.  Financial knowledge is described as understanding key financial terms and concepts needed to function daily in American society. It includes knowledge about items related to banking, auto, life, health and homeowners insurance, using credit, taxes, and investing. While there are other important areas related to personal finance, these are areas most American adults encounter as they make daily financial transactions and decisions.

CMS offers a range of proactive financial education workshops that provide relevant and timely information to best address the individual needs of our participants and their communities.   

Our staff develops and delivers curricula to groups of all sizes and interest; including community groups, non-profits, employers, schools, colleges and universities, financial institutions and government offices.

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We deliver education in a variety of ways:

  1. Public workshops on basic financial principles
  2. Community workshops presented onsite at the request of a community agency or organization.
  3. In-Office workshops presented onsite to employees at the request of a business or organization.
  4. Targeted Programs for specific groups, such as women, seniors and students.
  5. Self-paced online workshops available 24 hours a day for individual users

Our financial education workshops are dedicated to ensuring that participants gain the knowledge, confidence and skills to manage their finances, adopt positive financial behaviors, and fulfill their short and long term financial goals. Financial topics include budgeting, debt, credit, savings, and investing. Learn More

We also offer private and confidential one-on-one financial counseling sessions with trained financial coaches. They will look over your unique situation and together you will create a personalized action plan to meet your financial goals. Learn more