One-on-One Financial Coaching

Meeting financial goals can be very challenging.  With individualized support, low-to-moderate income adults, seniors, couples, and families are more likely to adopt the skills to manage their finances and meet their self-defined goals.  CMS provides trained financial coaches who are ready to help you meet your financial goals.  We do it by helping you develop SMART goals, analyze your finances, and take control of your life.

People from all walks of life come to us with challenges impacting their financial well being, such as:

  • Poor Budgeting Skills
  • Inability to Save
  • Overwhelming Debt
  • Poor Credit History
  • Major Life Changes
  • Loss of Job/Reduction in Income
  • Finding a better way to pay for college and reduce future debt

We Believe:

  • Helping low –to-moderate income individuals and families throughout the State of Connecticut.
  • Helping improve financial capability education, tools and support.
  • Helping families make well-informed financial decisions by providing one-on-one coaching by a skills-based volunteer.

What We Do:

CMS Financial Coaches foster the process of behavior change by providing participants with support in the development of concrete action plans, accountability toward meeting the objectives in the plan, and additional coaching and support along the way.

Through our partnerships in the community, CMS Financial Coaches can connect participants to additional programs and services, such as benefits access, free tax preparation, and homeownership counseling etc.

For more information on our activities or how to get involved, please contact  Financial Coaching Program Associate , Jonathan Colón @, *860)951-2212, ext. 231