Press Releases

April, 24 2015

The Connecticut Money School launches a new website for Financial Literacy Month

The Connecticut Money School, the state’s leading provider of financial empowerment services to financially disadvantaged families and individuals, as well as to other select populations, extends its outreach campaign for Financial Literacy Month with the launch of a new and updated website –

The Connecticut Money School is one of several initiatives operated by CAHS (the Connecticut Association for Human Services).  For more than a century, CAHS has advocated for programs to reduce poverty in Connecticut, while helping children and families overcome impediments and build secure and successful economic futures.  Today, CAHS pursues its mission by combining advanced, outcomes-focused advocacy with statewide programs delivered for maximum effectiveness at the local level.  The Connecticut Money School exemplifies the value of CAHS’s unique approach.  Now in its sixth year, the Money School delivers educational workshops and one-on-one financial coaching to low and moderate income families through more than 60 community based organizations and 80 skills-based volunteers, to reach hundreds of adults, seniors, and youth. READ MORE