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Betty’s Story

Betty Frank worked all her life. During her 20 years of marriage, she trusted her husband. Their bills were paid on time, she paid her husband’s fees to become an electrician, and because education was so important to her, she sent her daughter to private school and her son to college – the first in their family to do so. All seemed to be going well until she learned her husband was not paying the tuition bills. When she confronted him, he announced he would no longer support the family any more.

Devastated and terrified at the thought of how she would support her family alone, her children were withdrawn from their schools. Already faced with financial crisis and an impending divorce, Betty also learned that her husband ran up a lot of debt and had not paid state taxes. She hired a lawyer to request temporary child support but her husband refused to cooperate.

“I couldn’t think straight. I went to the library for assistance with my legal forms and learned about CT Money School financial workshops,” said Betty. “I then spoke with a financial coach who analyzed my financial situation and enrolled me in several workshops, where I learned how to take charge of my finances, set up a budget, look at a credit report, and how to evaluate my needs vs. wants.”

Betty is working full time and slowly paying back the debt placed on her by her husband. Her son works two jobs to help out and to be able to attend college. “I know it is going to be a long road to get back on my feet financially, but now I have the tools to do this along with the support of many friends and my strong faith in God.